Malmesbury New Developments

Malmesbury New Developments

Owning property is easily the biggest and most important investment you can make. For individuals with property in Malmesbury and the Swartland Region, a new and exciting development will result in plenty of growth in the area, giving residents so much more to gain from their hometown. The addition of a new shopping mall and a new hospital in Malmesbury is adding to the town’s popularity and worth, which also leads to an increase in property value.

De SwartlandWerf, an impressive and eagerly anticipated development currently underway in Malmesbury, is another proud undertaking of industry leaders the Devmark Development Group. Thanks to the town’s accessibility along the N7 highway, its already established commercial and industrial sectors, and its economically diverse pool of residents, Malmesbury was recognized for its great development potential. For individuals who already own property in Malmesbury, enhanced property values can be expected in the near future, which is a major relief during a financially challenging period with little breathing room.

This mixed–use development will span over 11ha, consisting of modern office space, 26 luxurious residential apartments, a private hospital, and an urban village retail centre that caters to visitors and residents alike. Hein Ehlers, the Group CEO of Devmark, describes this R650 million development as “one of the single biggest investments made in the Swartland area.” Higher commercial activity and a generation of new jobs, both temporarily during the construction phase as well as permanently once the development is complete, will be hugely impactful. Either way, residents who have their roots in Malmesbury can look forward to significant growth.

If you reside in Malmesbury and have been thinking of selling, this might be your reason to stay settled. A few thoughtful renovations can make a huge difference to your lifestyle, and can also ensure that your home remains competitively priced in a budding property market. When thinking about renovations VS buying a different house, important factors to consider are economic growth potential in the area, the work that can be done to improve your home in Malmesbury, and what property value will look like for your home in the coming years. At Build Buddy, we have useful connections with building experts in Malmesbury, to make any home improvements the best they can be.

From Malmesbury Architects and Malmesbury Builders to enhance your home’s interior and exterior functions, to Malmesbury Solar, Inverter, and Batteries professionals to keep your home running perfectly during loadshedding, we can get you connected. Making some useful improvements to your home and renovating it to look and feel contemporary can be everything you need, especially with the growth and property value increases expected in your Malmesbury property.

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