Renovating vs Buying a Different House

Renovating vs Buying a Different House

One of the beautiful things about owning a property is that you’re able to change it up to suit your idea of the ideal home. If you’ve lived in your home for a long time, you might feel sentimental and cherish the memories that are attached to it – your family home can change with the times, and Build Buddy can assist with quotes from the best professionals, to help you decide on renovating vs buying a different house.

If you are considering a new home purchase, first ask yourself if there is a remodeling project that could help you feel better in your current home. If the idea of taking on home renovations is daunting, let us help! Our Build Buddy team will make sure your projects are in capable hands. Perhaps you need more space and can have walls taken down for a more open-plan flow. It could be that a paint job and some decent paving elevate your property enough. From Langebaan Painters to Malmesbury Builders, we can connect you with the best in the industry.

If you are not sure about renovating VS buying a different house, you should factor in additional “hidden costs” that come with buying a new home. Transfer fees are always very high, calculated as a percentage of the cost of your property over R1 million. There is also a Bond Initiation fee and a Deeds Office fee that you’re expected to pay, and if you’re selling a home at the same time, you’ll be looking at two sets of expenses, which apply to both buying and selling. As a seller, you’ll need to pay for an Electrical Compliance Certificate, Water System and Beetle Infestation certificate, and other certifications depending on your property’s features. You’ll also be responsible for a Bond Cancellation fee, and a forward projection of municipal rates and taxes.

We’re excited at the potential of a house that evolves to its owner’s vision. One of the benefits of renovating instead of buying a new home is that you are already settled where you are – moving is challenging, time-consuming, and often costly. Of course, renovations can be pricey as well, but if you have a budget and stick to it by working with the right companies and contractors from the get-go, every penny that you spend will be worth it. Our service eliminates any doubt you might have in hiring the right people for the job. We consider your project and will provide you with 3 quotes to select from, each within your budget and able to perform the work you want to be done perfectly.

The best experts in Langebaan bathroom renovations should be able to work with Langebaan plumbers to complete the project before them. Plumbing and electric works are important to get right from the start, and the kitchen and bathroom are usually the most intricate rooms to remodel. We also know Malmesbury Renovations experts and Langebaan Renovation professionals who will bring life to your ideas and can work according to a deadline. Buying a new property can come with uncertain time frames, depending on its availability and your moving timeline. Everything needs to come together carefully, but not everything is in your control.

Let Build Buddy get involved in the renovations you’re planning and start visualizing the home your house will become. From adding new safety features to thinking about solar, inverter, and battery options to stay on when loadshedding strikes, we can orchestrate the new look and feel of your current home.

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