The importance of a good quality Garage Door

The Importance of a Quality Garage Door

There are many components that make up a welcoming, safe and attractive property in the Western Cape. Garage Doors have the power to increase your home’s curb appeal, which in turn improves the value of your property. Just like the paving and surrounding landscapes of your property, garage doors are often one of the first features of your home that passers-by see. Our Build Buddy team have connections with Langebaan Garage Door experts and Malmesbury Garage Door companies who stand out for their skills and services.

In the real estate world, first impressions are everything. A good quality garage door that is well maintained will help homeowners or business owners to feel secure, and also keeps their valuable possessions and vehicles safe. An automatic garage door with a remote control is the most convenient option, where you won’t even need to leave your car to open and close it as you come and go. From a safety perspective, automatic makes the most sense, while it can also be difficult for older individuals to manage a manual garage door on their own. These are important factors to consider when you’re deciding if you should invest a bit more on an automatic garage door.

Garage Door options include roll up or tip up installations, which are less costly than sectional garage doors and offer safety on a budget. Roll up garage doors are not difficult to operate, and are considered durable and secure, while tip up garage doors can be either manual or automatic, and open by swinging outwards from the bottom. Sectional Garage Doors are the most popular type, connected by hinges and fitted with rollers running along two tracks.

If you are remodelling or building a new home, security should be on top of your list. Make sure that you only work with expert Western Cape Garage Door companies or contractors, who can get the job done properly. Badly installed garage doors give burglars an easy point of entry – your garage doors should ideally be constructed from solid materials like steel, aluminium or wood.

Living in Cape Town exposes vehicles to salt moisture that is present in the air close to the beach, leading to the formation of corrosion and rust. Sun damage can cause your car’s paint to start peeling or fading, especially if you get in the habit of parking it outside every day. Parking your car inside helps to protect it from harsh environmental factors, which is why a Langebaan Garage and Quality Garage Doors are important part of most homes and workspaces in the area. Did you know that sturdy garage doors can even help with your homes insulation, cutting down on your electricity costs during winter?

If you’re not sure who you can contact for your garage door needs, whether it’s a new installation or repairs and maintenance, we can help you. Let Build Buddy provide you with 3 detailed and trustworthy quotes, from the best Garage Door professionals in the business.

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