The importance of a building plan

The Importance of a Building Plan

A building plan captures the fundamental components of your project before the physical labour is underway. As a home owner or commercial property owner, any renovations, extensions or new builds that you undertake will require an approved building plan to serve as a comprehensive guide. If you have a good building plan, your team have a clear direction, the timeline makes sense and every detail of the project is precisely and thoroughly showcased.

A qualified, experienced Langebaan Builder or Malmesbury Builder or Project Manager is essential to keeping your project on the right track. You will want to enlist the services of an Architect or Draughtsman who has proven success in their field, to provide you with a building plan that perfectly represents the entire scope of your projects. They should also understands the criteria which is considered for the approval of a building plan. A good building plan should include the site plan (incl. layout of drainage), a scaled working plan where floor levels are marked, plans for joinery, floor finishes and electrical, roof plans clearly detailing down pipes, all elevations and cross sections.

Having a building plan is very important, even if you have a clear game plan or the alterations or additions you’ve envisioned seem simple. Building plans will help keep your project on the right track, within budget and aligned with the timeframe you’ve set out for completion. If anything goes wrong during the building phase, you can revisit your building plan for answers – you will also need to keep all your building plans safe, as they will be required if you ever sell your property. Your building plans also need to be approved by the relevant municipality before you begin on-site construction, so they need to be detailed, correct and aligned with local building regulations.

Building Plans are essential not only for newly erected buildings or the construction of a new home. You will need an approved building plan for drainage alterations, garage conversions, constructing a carport, building retaining walls and the building of new garages or flatlets. If you’re making internal alterations, you will also need building plans for enclosing a patio, changing or adding wall structures, door structures or window structures, or even adding mezzanine flooring. Along with working according to well designed and properly drawn out building plans, you will want the project manager to advise you along the way, to save you money, time and ensure project success.

Our Build Buddy team have connections, and can help you enlist services for specialised Building Plans in Langebaan, and Building Plans in Malmesbury. We can provide you with quotes from the best professionals in the industry, who are registered with SACAP (the South African Council for the Architectural Profession). When you work with accredited and reputable professionals for your building plans, they will understand the process of submitting plans, which prevent delays due to documentation issues. Good building plans set your project up properly from the start.

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