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Steps To Extend A House

Good planning lies at the core of extending your home successfully. There is careful consideration and expert guidance that happens behind the scenes, in order for your home renovations and the extension of your property to add value to your lifestyle. Build Buddy can help get you quotes from the very best in the business of building and construction, as you go through the steps of extending your house.

The first step is to decide on the design, which is based on what you want to gain from the extension of your home. While you’re at the drawing board, you’ll want a qualified draftsman to help you finalize your building plans, and you’ll benefit greatly from the skills or an excellent architect. Here, we step in to get you in touch with the best Langebaan and Malmesbury based Architects, who can help you get your plans approved by the local municipality. While in the planning stage, you should also take stock of the costs involved in your project. To save you money, we can help to source discounted building materials in Langebaan or Malmesbury.

Arguably the most important job when extending a home belongs to the builder, or builders. The builder you choose should be registered with the NHBRC (National Home Builders Registration Council), and be capable of working within a reasonable timeframe to execute the extensions you require. You cannot rely on hearsay and recommendations alone – let us make sure that the builders you consider are top notch. We know the best Langebaan Builders and the most skilled Malmesbury Builders, so you already have an advantage. Build Buddy will hand you three quotes from the builders who we know you can depend on, to get the work done right.

When adding onto your kitchen or bathroom, you’ll need specialized services from tilers, plumbers and plasterers who are efficient and professional. You want to ensure that the additions to your home are not only attractive, but also leave you with functioning spaces that are enjoyable to live in. Another important job during the extension of your home will belong to the electrician who you choose to hire. Your Langebaan Electrician or Malmesbury Electrician will work closely with the building team, to correctly rewire and install electric outlets that work.

There are many details which need to be perfected when extending your house, to make it the home you’ll love to live in. The interior elements, like painting, placing granite and marble counter tops, plumbing and tiling are all essential. For your home near the coast, we know highly capable Langebaan Bathroom Renovations experts and Langebaan Bedroom Cupboard Experts, who will help transform your home. Exterior projects, like the addition of a contemporary Langebaan Pergola or decks, also relies on the skill of the company you hire for the job. Just the same, we can also connect you with Malmesbury Bathroom Renovations experts, bedroom cupboards experts and skilled workers in a variety of trades.

Take the stress out of extending your home! At Build Buddy, we have your back and will help make sure you work with trusted industry experts, who can make-over your home according to your vision. Contact us today to get started!

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