Solar and Inverter Installation Cape Town

Solar and Inverters are Our Future

As a nation, we have been enduring power cuts since 2007 and the problem is only getting worse every year, with no end in sight. The effects of loadshedding on our economy have been a hard pill to swallow, and businesses with the financial means have turned to solar power and inverters to keep their lights on when things go dark. Having a backup power solution is quickly becoming a necessity rather than a luxury, and solar and inverters are becoming our future.

The coal power stations responsible for producing electricity are old and inadequately maintained. There is simply too much need for power in South Africa for Eskom to handle alone, and it has been apparent for some time that a clever move would be to get off the grid completely. Solar energy is an incredible renewable energy source that is powered by a natural resource that we can always count on – the sun. By choosing to go solar, you can benefit from consistent energy that keeps your household and business afloat, so that you don’t have to plan your days around the next loadshedding time slot.

Since South Africa enjoys a fair amount of sunshine all year around, the climate is ideal for solar output. Choosing to go solar will also reduce your carbon footprint, and if the movement towards solar takes off as predicted, it will make a positive contribution to the environment. There are so many important advantages associated with the use of solar power, such as reduced greenhouse gas emissions and mitigated climate change, which in turn protects our ecosystems. The South African Government is encouraging citizens to explore alternate sources for their power generation, and our future is clearly one of solar and inverters.

You can also opt to set up inverters to help you get through loadshedding. Power inverters convert direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC), with processes of sine-wave corrections, switching and transformers. Solar Inverters convert renewable solar generated DC power into functioning AC power. With normal inverters there remains a dependency on the grid, as the DC power cultivated is usually supplied from the local power grid (in this case, Eskom). The battery for your normal inverter needs to charge from the grid power when the power is on, and works with a battery to keep you up and running during loadshedding.

Whatever direction you take in ensuring that your power stays on, be certain to only make use of qualified electricians along the way. At Build Buddy, we can help you get your setup right, by connecting you with Solar, Inverter and Batteries experts in Malmesbury, for the careful installation and maintenance of your intricate systems. Ensure that you only make use of the best Solar, Inverter and Batteries Langebaan specialists, so your chosen alternative power source works perfectly and keeps your power on when you need it the most.

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