How Paving Saves Money and Increases Your Property Value

How Paving Saves Money and Increases Your Value

Paving has the ability to transform an unsightly garden area, and can repair and protect a poorly maintained driveway. If done correctly by paving professionals, you can expect longevity and will find that the aesthetic of the space you’ve had paved is largely improved. There are many benefits to paving, and our Build Buddy team can get you in touch with experts in Langebaan Paving and Paving in the West Coast.

Paved gardens require much less upkeep than normal gardens, only needing a wash or two each year, and some occasional weeding. If you’re not a gardener at heart or have little free time to properly oversee your garden’s needs, you can enjoy an attractive and tidy garden area that is paved over. A paved outdoor space makes entertaining easy, and eliminates the need for lawn mowing, garden watering and upkeep of plants and grass. When you consider paving, you might only be adding a walkway or paved feature to or your garden, or you might want to pave over your garden. With a range of modern and durable paving options available, you can customize your garden paving to a style that you choose.

Your driveway is the first part of your home that is seen. Whether you’re hosting guests or showing your property to prospective buyers, you’ll want their first impression to be a good one. A paved driveway has shown to increase property value by 5-10%, adding significant “curb appeal” and getting your home noticed for all the right reasons. An attractive pavement can also get your property a higher valuation in an appraisal, which helps your listing to stand out. If you have had Langebaan Paving or West Coast Paving done to your property, especially if you’re in an area with competitive property sales to interest prospective buyers, you will likely have the edge.

If you want to save money, paving your garden as a permanent solution is also a great option to consider. You’ll be saving on the cost of maintaining a garden or paying a gardener to keep your outdoor areas looking good. If you need to make paving repairs, these are generally low cost and very straight-forward. At Build Buddy, we will get you connected with a professional paver, ensuring that your paving will last for decades and look exactly how you want it to. Whether you require stone, cement or asphalt paving, we can provide you with quotes from the best in the business.

When considering paving for your driveway, it is important to note that a paved driveway is much more protected from rough weather and other external factors. A driveway that is not paved may have a weak foundation, and repairing damaged surfaces that were not protected are expensive and complicated. Get in touch with us today, so that we can connect you with talented experts in paving solutions!

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