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Building Renovations 101

A home renovation is usually the result of many years of saving, planning and bookmarking ideas for inspiration. You might be remodelling to enjoy a home which better suits your needs and style, or may renovate to increase your property value when you sell. Whatever the purpose of your renovations, you’ll be amazed at the transformation, especially if you enlist services from experts who know what they’re doing.

At Build Buddy, we want to make your home renovations as seamless as possible, by helping you get quotes from the best professionals available. When it comes to renovations, many people scratch their heads as to where to begin, and a plan of action is required to get things underway. Before any building can commence, you will need approved building plans, which is where an architect lends their expertise. Collaborate with an architect or draughtsman on your vision, bearing in mind your budget and also agreeing on a realistic time-frame. You can find the best architects in Langebaan and architects in Malmesbury through us.

Now is the time to schedule the work that needs to be done, in the correct order. Make sure you’re working with a builder in Langebaan and the West Coast that can bring your vision to life and is excited about your project. We often recommend starting with the kitchen, as this will increase your property value more than any other part of your home. If you want to move back into your home as soon as possible, or plan on staying during most of the renovations, getting the kitchen and bathroom done first gives you the chance to be more comfortable. A kitchen renovation includes kitchen cupboards, aluminium windows and doors, tiling and installing granite and marble tops.

For your bathroom renovations to be a success, make sure you use an experienced, reputable plumber – plumbing and drainage mistakes can become very expensive and time-consuming to correct. We have connections with the best West Coast, Langebaan and Malmesbury Plumbers, for your peace of mind. Another important decision is choosing an engineer, one who can rework electric outlets and make sure everything is set up precisely and safely. These are fundamental services that are essential to the liveability of your home.

Using Langebaan or Malmesbury painters who work fast and do a great job makes all the difference – a great paint job will stand the test of time and look attractive. Outdoor areas of your home may be able to get done while indoor construction happens, to move things along even faster – this includes the erecting carports, and adding decking if you’re fond of outdoor entertainment. Any home renovation involves internal and external works that bring many contractors, companies and professionals together, under the guidance of a project manager or team of builders.

Your home needs to be stripped back in preparation for major renovations, and the projects for your renovation will be divided into first and second fix jobs. You can discuss all the details with the draughtsman, architect and builder that you choose to work with, and they will help you to outline what will be done, how, and when. You can count on Build Buddy to help you choose the best companies and contractors to get any work done in your home remodel.

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